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Types of implementation

Types of implementation

  • Direct changeover
  • Parallel running or as known as parallel
  • Pilot introduction or as known as pilot
  • Well-trade
Direct changeover
Direct changeover is one of the methods to change from an existing system to a new one.
With this method of implementation the users stop using the manual system and start using the computer system from a given date.
The advantage of this method is that it is less costly in effort and time than any other method of implementation. The disadvantage of this method is that if problems occur the users do not have any alternative apart from returning to a manual system which may prove difficult if it has been discontinued.

Parallel running
Parallel running is one of the ways to change from an existing system to a new one.
With parallel running, the new system is introduced alongside the existing system. With parallel running both systems (manual and computer, or old computer and new computer system) will be in operation at the same time. This has the advantage that the results from the new system can be compared with those of the old system.
However, it has the major disadvantage that each job is done twice and therefore it means a lot of extra work for the users.

Pilot Implementation

Once the test implementation feedback has been evaluated and selected changes have been made to the repository, it’s time to launch the Pilot Implementation to the group identified during planning. The pilot group can vary significantly in size. It could range from one department to an entire institution or multiple institutions. Ideally, your pilot launch should be introduced by individual/s with prestige in the educational community.
The length of the Pilot Implementation may vary. It could be just long enough to work out the bugs or problems in the system before you move to full implementation. Or, the pilot phase can last for an extended period of time as you wait for funding or plan for expansion. It is important that the length of the pilot implementation is clearly communicated to the pilot users or stated on the website with a user feedback form.
Confirm that your support and help services have been updated based on user feedback from the test implementation and help staff are ready to assist your users with any problems.

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